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Breast Cancer Navigation & Survivorship

Don’t go it alone.

Cancer Navigation

A cancer diagnosis is scary. Education makes it less so.
Education at the time of diagnosis is imperative in helping patients at such a terrifying time. Being informed can help soften the fear in hearing the words “you have cancer.”

Knowledge is power.
Certified Breast Navigator: at Ava Health, we will provide evidence-based education and direct you to specialty providers and resources.

Coordination makes for timelier decisions regarding appropriate treatments.
We take extra care to ensure all the providers who will support you have exactly what they need to ensure your best outcome. Your hereditary cancer risk assessment helps determine how the cancer is treated.

Cancer Survivorship

Effects of treatment go beyond the obvious and expected. 
Some patients experience forced menopause, sexuality issues, and other effects due to radiation and/or medication. 

We can talk about all your concerns. 
Support for post-treatment challenges exists. Ava Health partners with you to navigate the healthcare system to you can return to the job of just being you. 

Connect to the community of survivors.
Having a powerful support network on your new journey can make all the difference to your well-being. No need to go it alone.