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Hereditary Cancer Testing & Education

Identify your risk of developing certain cancers.
Knowing your genetic information can be lifesaving.

Care can be managed differently.
You may want to be screened sooner and more frequently. Knowing your risks will help you and your provider make better choices.

Your recommended treatment may be tailored.
A diagnosis of hereditary cancer could inform treatment, surgery, and future health maintenance.

Your knowledge might help a relative.
A risk assessment that reveals a known hereditary link could be information that a family member might use to reduce their risk in turn.

It’s easy to know if hereditary cancers run in your family.

Michelle is compassionate, determined and motivated to advocate for patients. She is constantly educating herself with more knowledge to help her guide and counsel patients better. She is dependable, reliable and trustworthy as well as intelligent with the ability to foresee issues that may come up and preemptively address.”

Elizabeth Suh MD
Medical Director Community Cancer Care and Prevention