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Genetic Education and Testing

Hereditary Cancer/High Risk Screening

Hereditary cancer screening, education and testing helps identify families that may be at risk of developing cancers at younger than expected ages, multiple cancers and rare more aggressive cancers.  This information can be lifesaving to unaffected family members as their care will be managed differently before they get cancer. Cancer prevention! In those diagnosed with hereditary cancer, treatment recommendations for surgeries, medications and future health maintenance will be affected by this information.

In some patient populations that have multiple cancers and no known genetic mutation, we manage them with risk stratification computer programs and polygenic risk scores.  A tailored screening is determined through informed decision making and education to prevent cancer.    


Pharmacogenomics is defined as a how a person’s genetic makeup affects their response or metabolization of drugs.  Ava Health is excited to offer Genesight testing to help with prescribing the appropriate medication for patients based on their own genetics.  

  • GeneSight Psychotropic: matching genes to medications that are FDA-approved to treat depression, anxiety, bipolar disease, schizophrenia or other neuropsychiatric conditions.
  • GeneSight ADHD: matching genes to medications that are FDA-approved to treat ADHD and Narcolepsy.
  • GeneSight Analgesic: matching genes to FDA-approved medications that can treat acute and chronic pain including opioids, NSAIDs and muscle relaxants as well as opioid dependency medications.
  • GeneSight MTHFR: examines how your body processes folic acid and determines if there are genetic factors which could lead to folate deficiency

Preconception Testing

Foresight Carrier screening helps parents determine if they are carriers for hereditary disease.  This information can help parents identify disease prior to becoming pregnant or allow for planning for appropriate care of an infant born with hereditary disease.  

Michelle is compassionate, determined and motivated to advocate for patients. She is constantly educating herself with more knowledge to help her guide and counsel patients better. She is dependable, reliable and trustworthy as well as intelligent with the ability to foresee issues that may come up and preemptively address.”

Elizabeth Suh MD
Medical Director Community Cancer Care and Prevention